Each area of service provided by TA’AHEEL has certain unique features and attendant benefits which are available to our valued clients. The highlights of TA’AHEEL’s services are:

 In the area groundwater and soil remediation services TA’AHEEL offers in situ remediation technologies    which are known for their environmental and cost effectiveness.
 The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Tightness Testing service is the only service of its kind available in the    Kingdom
TA'AHEEL's LDAR Service has been acknowledged as a high quality and reliable service by our clients
The unique and unmatched features of TA'AHEEL's Hazardous Waste Recycling & Treatment Service are    illustrated in the following paragraphs:

The waste recycling , treatment and disposal route depicted in the above chart shall ensure a much lighter carbon foot-print of the various processes compared to treatment by stand-alone incineration process which is also more expensive in financial terms.