TA’AHEEL Environmental Services (TA’AHEEL) is a part of the Fahad Al Arjie Group and is based in the Industrial City of Jubail. It is a multi-disciplinary environmental firm offering comprehensive and state of acheter du cialis en ligne the art technological services in the environment field.

It offers cost-effective and state of the art technological services in the area of industrial (non-) hazardous waste disposal and recycling. Recycled components can be reutilized for a variety of further downstream applications.

In addition, TA’AHEEL actively contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission (carbon foot print), due to reduced need to incinerate waste. Buzz word: Recycle instead of incinerate.

TA'AHEELs provides dedicated and comprehensive environmental services in areas of Soil Remediation, Groundwater Remediation and Hazardous Waste Transport, Storage &Disposal (TSD) and other environmental services to the industry as well as to other responsible agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.